Hi, I'm Mason.

Full Stack Developer

at iFixit.

Mason Climbing in Tuolomne Meadows

I'm a 24 year old living in San Luis Obispo (he/him). I graduated from Cal Poly with a degree in computer science in March 2022.

Mason on Mountain Project

How silicon became my favorite element 🧪

I discovered computer science while researching enzymes in a biochemistry lab at Cal Poly. Drowning in spreadsheets, a colleague suggested I visualize the data with Python. All of a sudden, I found myself making all sorts of scripts to make my life in the lab a little easier.

After a few months of this, I knew I was in love. I hung up the lab coat, changed majors, and joined the Cal Poly Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence club (CSAI). I started building websites for students to interact with the club's chatbot, Nimbus, and soon I led a team that built a data cleaning app for Nimbus.

These days I do full stack web development for iFixit. In my time there I've helped migrate iFixit's ecommerce experience to Shopify and reimplement their product catalogs with Next.js, Algolia's search engine, and Strapi's content management system.

I've learned that I really enjoy building beautiful web applications that help people achieve their goals. I have so many brilliant friends and mentors to thank for what I've learned on my journey so far, and I look forward to the challenges and learning opportunities ahead.

What I've been working on 🛠️

A deeper dive into some of the projects and teams I've devoted my time to.

See you out there!

Aerial view of Mason kayaking in a kelp forest
Mason lifeguarding at Sycamore Cove
Mason in a cave in Iceland
Mason surfing in Oxnard CA
Stacked images of Mason and a line drawn Mason
Mason hiking in Capitol Reef
Mason on a glacier in Iceland
Anacapa Arch Rock
A scorpion in Baja California
A whale shark in Baja California
Mason west of Capitol Reef, Utah
Mason posing for TEDx San Luis Obispo