CSAI (Cal Poly Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence club) is where I sunk my roots into web development.

I initially joined the club because I wanted to absorb as much as I could about computer science as quickly as possible. I quickly realized that while the team had A.I. developers in spades, they only had one web developer and their website was in rough shape. I volunteered to help out and was building websites on day one.

With some patient guidance, I put some finishing touches on a chatbot interface, then dove into building a private data cleaning UI for the team members from scratch. My mentor and I whipped together a React + Webpack app, and it was love at first site ❤️.

The landing page of the CSAI data cleaning app. Yea, that's CSS 😎

Soon I was leading the web development team for the summer. We pumped out a new documentation site, a beautiful home page, and another chatbot interface by the end of my year. When the Fall Career Fair came around at Cal Poly, I landed an internship with iFixit and took the next step on my programming journey.