I've been building things with iFixit since November 2020. I started out as an intern while still in school, and happily accepted a full time position when I graduated.

I've grown a lot since I started, and I'm eternally grateful to my mentors.

and many others.

At iFixit I mostly work in PHP, Next.js, and MySQL, with special appearances from a few templating / configuration languages.

I've worked on a lot of things, but here are some of the highlights. Everything, of course, is a team effort.

Migrating iFixit's ecommerce backend to Shopify

  • So many CSV scripts to import/export data
  • A plethora of webhook responders to keep our database in sync with Shopify

Rebuilding the storefront in Next.js

Plugging NetSuite's ERP into our ecommerce system (active project)

  • Merging data from NetSuite and our Akeneo PIM to compose our product catalog in Shopify.
  • Gracefully transitioning from an in-house order management and inventory system to NetSuite.

📷️ Next.js storefront pages